poppy alexander change and decay in all around I see

Welcome to my pages.

I live in Lancashire, work as a web designer, and relax by struggling with the allotment, doing Aikido and Tai Chi, reading science fiction, drawing, and buying strange junk at the car boot sale.

The hills are shadows, and they flow from form to form, and nothing stands, they melt like mists, the solid lands, like clouds they shape themselves, and go ..(Tennyson)

fish animation


I've recently come across Unity3D - a 3d games development kit that outputs to browser and is free if you're not a big company. I think for people that know scripting it would be relatively easy. The intro tutorial has a little animated alien character wandering around collecting things. It's very impressive. Easy to embed as well. You do need the plugin to see it, but it's not massive. I look forward to playing more with this. Sadly no Linux port yet for the plugin. http://unity3d.com/

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